Принципът и приложението на едношнеков екструдер


Като общо оборудване за екструдер,на екструдер с един винтis used in plastic processing industry. What is its principle иstructure? Below is на analysis for на екструдер с един винтfrom на extruder conveying section, compression section иизмервателна секция.

The effective length of екструдер с един винтis generally divided into three sections. Three effective sections are determined according to на screw diameter, screw distance иscrew depth, which are generally divided into one third each.

High efficiency екструдер с един винтadopts two-stage overall design, strengнаns plasticizing function, ensures high-speed, high-performance иstable extrusion. Special barrier comprehensive mixing design ensures mixing effect of materials. High shear иlow melt plasticizing temperature ensures high-performance, low temperature иlow pressure metering extrusion of materials. The design concept иfeatures това ли са high speed иhigh yield extrusion bases on high straight level.

Tтой ппринцип на едношнеков екструдер

A thread behind на feed port is called на conveying section. The material here is required not to be plasticized, but to be preheated иcompacted under pressure. In на past, на old extrusion наory thought that на material here is loose. Later, it was proved that на material here is actually a solid plug, that is to say, на material here is solid like a plug after being extruded. Therefore, as long as на conveying task is completed, its function готово е.

Pпринцип на едношнеков екструдер: The second section is called compression section, на volume of screw groove gradually decreases from large to small, ина temperature should reach на degree of material plasticization. The compression produced here is from conveying section 3 to 1, which is called на compression ratio of screw - 3:1. Some machines also change, ина plasticized material enters into на third section.

Pпринцип на едношнеков екструдер: на third section is на metering section, where на material maintains на plasticizing temperature, just like на metering pump, на melt material is accurately иquantitatively transported to на die head. At this time, на temperature can not be lower than на plasticizing temperature, generally slightly higher.

The екструдер с един винтis mainly used for extruding soft, hard PVC, polyethylene иoнаr наrmoplastic plastics. It can process a variety of plastic products, such as film, pipe, plate, ribbon, etc., иcan also be used for granulation in combination with corresponding auxiliary machines (including molding head).

Tтой пlastic extruder has на advantages of reasonable design, high quality, good plasticization, low energy consumption, low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity иlong service life.

Приложение на едношнеков екструдер

Pipe extrusion: suitable for PP-R pipe, PE gas pipe, PEX cross-linking pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, ABS pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE silicon core pipe иvarious co-екструзионни композитни тръби.

Sheet иsheet extrusion: suitable for PVC, pet, PS, PP, PC иoнаr profiles иplates extrusion, както и oнаr kinds of plastics extrusion, such as wire, rod, etc.

Extrusion of profile: adjust на speed of extruder иchange на structure of extrusion screw, which can be used to produce PVC, polyolefin иoнаr plastic profiles.

Modified granulation: suitable for blending, modification иstrengнаning granulation of various plastics.

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